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877 HANSORG phone call messages

Gary Troup interview Clips 1-7/9 (last 2 missing) connected

Hugh McIntyre interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Psychology Test Orientation Video

William T. Kilpatrick videos

Apology to DJ Dan

William's Interruption of Hutchinson Song & Kidnapping

The Chocolate Factory Video


slowed down version for sign language

Rachel Blake

Official videos

(6/19: Intro & identity reveal)

(6/20: Copenhagen Post 002

(6/23: Copenhagen Post 005

(6/26: Copenhagen Post 006

(6/28: Iceland Post 001

(7/3: Italy Post 001

(7/14: 1st part Paris)

(7/18: 2nd part Paris)

(7/20: 3rd part Paris)

(7/21: Rachel goes to Darla's apartment)

The Sri Lanka Video

(9/24: Norway Video

Comic Con 2006

Commercials (TLE Only)

Oceanic Airlines (pre-TLE)

Official Hanso Commercial

Jeep CJ7

DJ Dan Commercial for BroadBandStories

No longer available.

Hanso/Mittelwerk Commercial 7/12

Hanso Commercial MFI 7/19

Hanso Commercial LEP 7/19

Apollo Bar commercial

DJ Dan Live Broadcast Promo

No longer available.

Sublymonal Ads


Scan, Chill or Spa

Listen or Sumo

Speaker videos


"Video Mail #1"

"Video Mail #2"

"Video Mail #3"

"Video Mail #4"

"Video Mail #5"

"Video Mail #6"

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