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(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)
The fast cut action fan video I might be LOST

These videos are simply scenes from Lost combined with music and captions. See also fan parodies for satire-based music videos, such as Lost Rhapsody.

Ensemble Cast

Lost Season 4: Recap Video

LOST Season 4 Recap - The Best Bits Part I(07:50)

Atrus Theme - Destiny vs Choice

Destiny VS Choice (A Lost Music Video)(04:10)

Break-beat Theme Remix

LOST theme music break-beat remix(02:08)

You Know My Name

Lost Fan Video V2Lost Fan Video V2.0(05:02)

Ensemble - Come Undone

Come undone(04:47)


A Cure

Decent Days and Nights

Lost - Decent Days and Nights(02:32)

Lost in 3 Minutes 9 seconds

Lost in 3 minutes 9 seconds(03:10)


LOST Island(01:32)

Ghost of You

I Might Be Lost

I Might Be LOST(05:04)

I Wanna Be Loved

I'll Be There For You

LOST Friends - I'll Be There For You(03:00)

Lost Theme Song

Lost Theme Tune(00:47)

Matrix 2 Soundtrack

Monster Mash

Lost Monster Mash(03:27)


Ode 2 Lost(06:05)

LOST: Parabola

LOST Parabola(09:09)

Pyramid Song

Pyramid Song-Radiohead (LOST)(05:02)

Return to Innocence

Take Me Home

We Go Together

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle!(04:42)

We Used To Be Friends (LOST Connections)

Who I Am Hates Who I've Been



MCR Meets Lost

Lost Pearl Jam Video MIX

LOST Pearl Jam Video Mix(05:52)

Lost Vid Oasis - Wonderwall

LOST Music Video - Heart of Darkness

LOST Music Video - Heart of Darkness (With subtitles)(05:03)

Oceanic 815 - Zerio-Sum

Oceanic 815 ( Zerio-Sum )(05:37)

Losturbia "Disturbia" (Lost Ensemble) by klost004

Losturbia (Lost Ensemble)(04:07)

LOST Season 6 Trailer/Recap/Promo by klost004

LOST Season 6 Trailer Recap Promo(03:05)

We're Getting Off The Island || LOST by klost004

We're Getting Off The Island LOST(03:50)

The Return || LOST Ensemble by klost004

The Return LOST Ensemble(04:13)

It's Getting Better

LOST - It's Getting Better (music video)(03:11)

All I Have to do is Dream

LOST - All I Have to do is Dream (music video)(02:51)

sharon1234 Clips

Season 1 Recap - Requiem for a Dream

Lost Season 1 Recap(08:04)

Season 2 Recap - Requiem for a Dream

Lost Season 2 Recap(08:16)

Season 4 Recap - Requiem for a Dream

Lost Season 4 Recap(03:18)

Day 1 - Jack's Piano Song

Lost - Day 1 Main Events(06:53)

David LaChapelle Promo Remixes

Frame from the David LaChapelle promo
JrcaporalAdded by Jrcaporal
See main article: David LaChapelle

Lost Techno

Lost Techno Dance(02:49)

Survivor's Dance

Oceanic Survivors dance(04:49)

Tango from Moulin Rouge

Tango de Lost(01:07)

Too Lost in You


Lost Art Work

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