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William Mapother
William Mapother
Character(s) Ethan Rom
Date of Birth April 17, 1965 (age 52)
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, USA
IMDb profile

William Mapother portrayed Ethan Rom.


  • Cousin of Tom Cruise and Lee Anne De Vette.
  • Graduated from Notre Dame with a B.A. in English
  • Was a school teacher in East Los Angeles for 3 years before becoming an actor.
  • Went to St. Xavier High School in Louisville Kentucky.
  • His father, William, Sr., is an attorney and bankruptcy consultant and was a judge in Louisville, KY (1967 - 1970)
  • His family's law firm has the street address of 815 W Market Street.
  • Brother of Amy Mapother and Katherine Mapother
  • Last name is pronounced "MAY-pah-ther"
  • Attended a Church of Scientology course in 1989 but is not currently affiliated with the Church of Scientology.[1]
  • Is a graduate of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Acting School in Santa Monica, California.
  • Played Gunnison in CBS's cancelled series "Threshold."
  • Guest starred in an NCIS episode as a kidnapper.
  • Guest starred in a CSI episode.
  • Appeared as an Agent in "Swordfish".
  • Appears in the DVD extra "Lost in a Day" on the Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD).
  • Is a 2007-2008 member of the SAG National Board.[2]
  • Shares a birthday with L. Scott Caldwell and Henry Ian Cusick.
  • William Mapother played Marine rescue worker, Thomas, who found two surviving PAPD officers in the rubble, in World Trade Center.
  • Played Parcher in the 2008 western horror movie "The Burrowers", which also featured Clancy Brown and Doug Hutchison.
  • Starred as Steve Hedges in the 2007 comedy "Moola", alongside Doug Hutchison.
  • Recently appeared in the popular web series "I <3 Vampires" on Take 180 as the vampire William.
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