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Transcripts for Lost episodes up to and including "Enter 77" are based on the transcriptions by Lost-TV member Spooky with aid of DVR, and at times, closed captions for clarification. She and Lost-TV have generously granted us permission to share/host these transcripts at Lostpedia. Later transcripts were created by the Lostpedia community, unless stated otherwise below.

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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 3: What Kate Does-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This is Lennon, an Other
who lives at the Temple
and is Dogen's translator.

This is Dogen, an Other and the Temple master.
Dogen can speak English
but prefers to speak Japanese.

As seen in the Season 5 Premiere, "LA X"
Jacob told Hurley that Sayid
could be saved at the Temple
The process involved holding him underwater.

Sayid appeared to die
but later woke up.

Sawyer is embittered
because much effort was put into saving Sayid
while Juliet was left to die.

Sayid was in the Iraqi Republican Guard
and tortured people
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Solitary."

When Sayid returned to the island
he shot young Ben Linus.
Sayid believed his destiny was to kill Ben
and prevent a future of pain and suffering.

This is not a flashback or a flash-forward.
It is a flash "sideways."

It presents what would have happened
if Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed
and landed in Los Angeles.

This is Claire
who is almost eight months pregnant.

Claire flew to Los Angeles from Sydney
to give her baby up for adoption, as seen
in the Season 1 episode, "Raised By Another."

Kate recognizes Jack
because she bumped into him on the plane
in the Season 5 Premiere, "LA X."

The man in the crosswalk is Dr. Leslie Arzt
who was also on Oceanic Flight 815.

Kate went on the run from the law
in the Season 2 episode "What Kate Did"
and has been a fugitive for over three years.

Kate ran to Australia and was arrested
by a U.S. Marshal and extradited to the U.S.
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Tabula Rasa."

This is the Temple courtyard.
Ben described the Temple
as the last safe haven on the island
for the Others.

Ben sent a group of Others to the Temple
in the Season 3 Finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Richard Alpert brought young Ben
to the Temple after he was shot.

Ben was healed
but couldn't remember anything
as seen in the Season 5 episode
"Whatever Happened, Happened."

Jacob told Hurley
that he and his friends
would be safe at the Temple.

Jacob also gave Hurley an ankh
containing a piece of paper
which prompted the Others
to ask the Oceanic survivors their names.

After the survivors provided their names
the Others accepted them into their group
and brought them into the Temple
to protect them.

Act 2

This is a flash sideways difference
from what was previously established.
Claire gave birth to her baby on the island
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Do No Harm."

After the Oceanic 6 rescue
Kate became Aaron's mother.

Kate gave Aaron a similar stuffed whale toy
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

This is Aldo, an Other, who was last seen
guarding the building to room 23
in the Season 3 episode "Not in Portland."

There is a romantic triangle
between Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Kate and Sawyer
consummated their relationship
in the Season 3 episode, "I Do."

But when the Oceanic 6 were rescued
Kate and Jack fell in love.

They lived together for two years
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

Dogen is performing a test on Sayid.

The ash Dogen is using was also used
as a protective barrier around the Temple.

In this season's premiere episode, "LA X"
Lennon told Hurley that the ash
will keep the smoke monster
out of the temple.

In the Season 2 episode, "One of Them"
Sayid was trained as a torturer
after he was captured by the U.S. military
during the 1991 Gulf War.

Sayid was forced to torture
his own commander.

Sayid has only once been held accountable
for his occupation.

It occured when he was held prisoner
by a woman he once tortured, as seen
in the Season 3 episode, "Enter 77."

Act 3

Claire went to see a psychic in Australia
who told her about the couple in LA.

The psychic gave Claire money
and a plan ticket to Los Angeles
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"Raised by Another."

Aldo is referring to the smoke monster
which the Oceanic survivors saw
their first night on the island
in the "Pilot" episode.

The Oceanic 6 returned to the island
on Ajira Flight 316, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "316."

Rousseau shipwrecked on the island
with a team of French scientists.
Rousseau lived on the island alone
for over 16 years.

Rousseau was shot and killed, as seen
in the Season 4 episode, "Meet Kevin Johnson."

Rousseau's French science team
became "infected" after coming in contact
with the smoke monster, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "This Place is Death."

Sayid was shot while escaping
the DHARMA barracks with Jack, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Jack betrayed his father, Christian
which led to Christian's death, as seen
in the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit."

Charlie drowned trying to help Jack
find rescue, as seen in the Season 3 Finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Juliet died trying to help Jack, as seen
in the previous episode, "LA X."

Act 4

Even though Jack is filled with doubt
if Sayid should take the pill
Sayid is able to put his trust in Jack

Sayid's trust in Jack was forged
by their many shared experiences
on and off the island.

However, Jack realizes
that by giving Sayid the pill
Jack holds another life in his hands.

Jin spent over three years
working in the DHARMA Initiative
and looking for Sun, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "LaFleur."

Sun has also been searching for Jin
on the island.

Sun followed Locke because he promised
that Jacob would know how to find Jin
as seen in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

When Claire discovered she was pregnant
her boyfriend left her, as seen
in the Season 1 episode, "Raised By Another."

Claire was told by the psychic in Australia
that only she should raise her baby
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"Raised by Another."

Claire was going to let a couple in Sydney
adopt her baby, but Claire backed out
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Do No Harm."

This is the DHARMA Initiative barracks.
The Others lived here for a few years
before abandoning the barracks.

This is the house Sawyer shared with Juliet
when they were members
of the DHARMA Initiative, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "LaFleur."

Sawyer and Juliet joined the DHARMA Initiative
when the island
stopped skipping through time in 1974.

They left the DHARMA Initiative in 1977
so this box has been hidden away
for more than 30 years.

Act 5

This is Ethan Rom, aka Ethan Goodspeed.

Ethan lived on the island as an Other
and kidnapped Claire
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues."

Ethan was born on the island in 1977
to Horace and Amy Goodspeed
as revealed in the Season 5 episode, "LaFleur."

After Ethan joined the Others
his last name changed to "Rom."

When Ethan kidnapped Claire on the island
he held Claire in the medical station
and gave her painful shots
to protect the baby.

Claire gave birth to her baby on the island
and Kate was there to help Claire
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"Do No Harm."

Claire was also frightened at that time
and didn't think she was ready
to have the baby
but Kate coached Claire through the birth.

Claire disappeared in the jungle
in the Season 4 episode "Cabin Fever."

After the Oceanic 6 were rescued
Kate realized that lying
and saying Aaron was her own son was wrong
and vowed to come back and find Claire.

Juliet and Sawyer
were being sent back to the mainland
as seen in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

But Kate was caught by DHARMA security
and put on the sub with Juliet and Sawyer.

Kate convinced Sawyer and Juliet
to go back to the island
so they could stop Jack
from detonating the hydrogen bomb.

Juliet wanted nothing more
than to leave the island
and go home to her sister, Rachel
with whom Juliet was very close.

Juliet had the opportunity to leave
but Sawyer convinced her to stay
as seen in the Season 5 episode, "LaFleur."

Juliet ended up living with Sawyer
on the island for another three years
and then died after falling down the shaft
at the Swan construction site.

Jack fought with John Locke
about this very issue many times.

Locke was convinced it was their destiny
to come to the island
but Jack believed crashing on the island
was just a coincidence.

Act 6

"Joan Hart" was an alias Kate used
as seen on her mug shot
in the Season 1 episode, "Tabula Rasa."

This is a flash sideways difference.

Kate blew up her house
and killed her father
who was sleeping inside, as seen
in the Season 2 episode, "What Kate Did."

In the "Pilot" episode
Locke explained the rules of backgammon
as a game with one side light
and the other side dark.

Claire is Jack's sister.

This is Claire
who went missing three years ago.

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