For the episode, see: "What Kate Did".
"What Kate Did"


"What Kate Did" is the fifth issue of the first volume of Lost: The Official Magazine. The issue was released in the middle of the second season's run.


By The Fire

Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, & Josh Holloway

Jack, Kate, Sawyer. Their off-screen alter egos get comfortable by the fire to exclusively discuss television's most talked about love triangle...

L. Scott Caldwell & Sam Anderson

Rose and Bernard have vowed never to leave the Island, amazed by its apparent healing power. The actors who play the sweet couple discuss Lost...

John Terry

Jack's father, Christian Shephard, may have died, but the flashbacks have kept him very much alive. John Terry talks about playing the troubled doctor...

Dark Territory

"The Black Rock"

How did the ship end up so far inland? A better question is, how on Earth did Team Lost create the ship for the show? Here's how...

The Others

"Meet... Larry Fong"

Lost Magazine's Others are much more willing to show themselves: meet Lost's Director of Photography, Larry Fong....

Under The Hatch

"Tunnel Vision"

Beyond the Hatch. Beyond 'exclusive' - these are the original tunnel designs that led from the Hatch pipe into the geodome's computer area...

Frequent Flyers

New Transmissions

What kind of things are in store for season three? All you have to do is tune into the signals from these pages to find out...

Voices From The Fuselage

Fans' theories have been coming in thick and fast. What's yours? Study these ideas, and then email The Transceiver with your thought today...

Damon Lindelof's Quarantine & Analysis

Lost Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof faces eight inquisitive fan questions. Make sure you study his responses...

Dear Diary

All those sandy beaches are extremely good exercise, reveals the man behind John Locke, actor Terry O'Quinn...

Black Box Flight Recorder

Sawyer met Jack's father in a bar? Yes he did. Re-live the shocking moment we realized the castaways' lives are all interconnected...


With the finale aired, are you worried about having no new fixes of Lost? Fear not, we've got a 100-page Yearbook waiting for you...

The Island & The Agents

Drew Goddard, the Alias Writer/Producer and soon to be regular member of Team Lost stops by for a chat...

Exclusive Posters

Are you part of Team Sawyer or Team Jack? Choose your allegiance, and display it proudly on your wall. Who will Kate choose... ?


Each character has a specific style of tent or shelter. Here's how the set dressers decide which details to give each islander...

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