• ZombieFarmer


    May 17, 2009 by ZombieFarmer

    There is a couple of questions that I have that I think you could awnser.

    1. Faraday told Ellie to bury the bomb in 1954. By 1977 it was buried. Why is that? 2. What are the CONFIRMED rules about time. 3. Why was there a supply drop in 2004? 4. What is the sickness? 5. What are the Rules in the Charles v.s Ben battle? 6. What are the whispers? 7. What was the cause of pregnancy issues on the island? 8. Why did it not kill Sun or Claire? 9. Why is the Island so hard to find and why can u only get there using a specific bareing? 10. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN ELECTROMAGNETISM AND WHAT IT CAN DO!? WHAY DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE ISLAND!?

    When commenting please label your awnsers Theory/Fact.

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