Miles is by far one of my favorite characters. He's witty, intelligent and he knows when to leave a bad situation and fend for himself.

I'm really confused to his status on the island though. My gut instinct says he's gonna die, but for what purpose? Why has he been here this long? Maybe we saw it in the last episode when he found alex's body. That reminded Ben about her, and maybe he'll turn on flocke in the end (a big maybe since it's ben we never know what he's up to.)

I love his flash sideways character even more. We see that he is a more developed man due to his father being around when he was a child. in the OT, he is sketchy and practically just a simple minded boy, but in the FST we see that he is a caring person (towards Ford anyways)

My wife seems to think that he'll be the next "Richard" kind of person, I can't imagine him being that though, but with this show, as we all know, anything goes!

Anyone else have any thoughts on Miles and what his status on the island is? or how his end maybe?

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