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April 14, 2010
  • Zimmypop1

    Miles is by far one of my favorite characters. He's witty, intelligent and he knows when to leave a bad situation and fend for himself.

    I'm really confused to his status on the island though. My gut instinct says he's gonna die, but for what purpose? Why has he been here this long? Maybe we saw it in the last episode when he found alex's body. That reminded Ben about her, and maybe he'll turn on flocke in the end (a big maybe since it's ben we never know what he's up to.)

    I love his flash sideways character even more. We see that he is a more developed man due to his father being around when he was a child. in the OT, he is sketchy and practically just a simple minded boy, but in the FST we see that he is a caring person (towards Ford…

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  • Zimmypop1

    The Saddening...

    May 12, 2010 by Zimmypop1

    Well... anyone else saddened by that episode? Not like boo-hoo so sad, but sad as in let down. I felt like I had the date, had the romantic walk on the beach, the candles, the rose pedals, only to have the door slammed in my face when it was time for the girl to put out! (this list is a group of my opinions and I do understand the judgment I'll receive and people will probably think it's "Blaspheme" but oh well)

    a.) the commercials every 5-6 minutes suck balls

    b.) it felt like the writers just threw this episode together at the last minute

    c.) I'm almost positive we'll never know or figure out the beginning of the island, instead we got the load of crap from "Mother"

    d.) MIB made me feel bad for him, Jacob made me feel bad for him and even t…

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  • Zimmypop1

    Will Kate make it? Will Hugo stop crying? Will Frank magically appear unharmed? Will Ben, Richard and Miles come around? Will Claire become normal? Will Vincent transmorph into Jacob? Will all the dead bodies arise from the graves and become zombies? Will Richard and Ben have their love affair? Will Flocke's man-boobies flop around a little more?

    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! erm... YOU'RE NOW ENTERING, THE TWILIGHT ZONE! wait, that's wrong too... what the heck is the slogan for Lost?

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  • Zimmypop1

    We, or most of us anyways, know that Libby gave Desmond the "Elizabeth" to enter the boat race. Well she spoke of her late husband and was crying and everything, just makes me wonder who her husband was and about that whole situation.

    I've always wondered if the flashes Dessy saw were a flash sideways or something.

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  • Zimmypop1

    Rewatching past episodes, Mib stated that Jacob stole his body (or at least I think that's what he said? It was last night and I really don't recall his exact words so correct me if I'm wrong here)

    Soooooo what if Christian was the body Jacob stole. We all know MiB has taken the form of Eko's brother (name escapes me atm), Alex, Richard's Wife, Locke, a horse, etc etc etc. He likes taking the forms of other people/things for his own pleasure (or good or whatever) so what if he was mad @ Jacob for taking Christian's body?

    I may be speculating wayyyyyyyy too much here, but oh well.

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