I posted this as a response to an excrutiatingly painful emotional goodbye to a TV SHOW. Hope it stirs the pot up a little bit, opens some eyes, puts things into perspective, etc.

Listen people, I like Lost as much as anyone who checks this site every day, watches it consistently when it airs, discusses it, debates it, and makes predictions with it. I love it and it is a great show.

But have some damn self respect. Too many people on this site talk about Lost the way wack-job religious people talk about church/their religion. Or drug addicts whose entire days revolve around anything to do with drugs. Well, psychologists have proven that people (especially in contemporary American society) become as obssessed with material things as drug addicts are obsessed with their drugs. eg: Fat people who hide in their rooms gorging themselves, people who spend all day online shopping, people who spend money they don't have, facebook addicts who live their lives through computers, gamblers, etc. In the is JUST A SHOW (not something deeper or more spiritual than someone like me could ever understand.)

The true fact of the matter is, at least I most people like this show because it was fresh, mysterious, and covered interesting topics. Most likely, the majority of us are Sci-Fi fans and also like that part of it. But other than that, and its unique stroytelling format and interaction with fans who like solving mysteries, the show is mediocre at best.

If you think Lost has good acting...I'm sorry, it doesn't. If you think it progresses story lines/arcs/plot devices doesn't. Are the plot lines jumbled, often don't make sense, and leave things incomplete...they do. All these things are signals as to why it is a mediocre show with an AMAZING concept.

Does it constantly entertain? Yes. Does it always keep its viewers guessing, discussing, and predicting? Yes. Does it delve into fascinating topics and situations we've never seen on TV before? Yes. And all these things make the Lost experience one of the biggest, most successful, and most talked about things in Americana history.

BUT: So is American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, the Real World, Prison Break, etc...and the list goes on.

In their own right, many shows have been hugely successful...hugely successful in the same way the majority of america is hugely idiotic and under-educated. numbers DO NOT PROVE WORTH. You can't trust the numbers, and just because sad music is playing in the background and someones crying on screen doesn't mean it's good acting.

Finally, REALLY and TRULY get over yourself if you pretend you can't find better TV out there to watch. To say you will never find and there will never be a better Sci-Fi show on TV might be close to the truth...but better TV is quite abundant.

Want a quick suggestion that will open your eyes to what a truly great piece of American Artwork is? Try "The Wire". But then again, you might need to think about the real world and its problems a little bit and stop wondering when the Hurley Birds secret will be revealed. Tough. I know.

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