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March 31, 2010
  • ZiggySHOTdoubleG

    No chance of it happening, but I believe the writers truly missed a great opportunity here to have one more season (even a shortened 12-14 episode one again like season 4) set inbetween season 5 and 6. One season that used the 'flash-something' story-mechanisms to take us WAY BACK and show us the island from its original days. A whole season following the Losties on the island learning and figuring out ways to destroy the MIB, all the while the flashbacks go WAY back and give us information on hieroglyphics, statues, temples, rules, romans/egyptians, donkey wheels, hidden tunnels, etc.

    I suppose it's beating a subject to death discussing what could be done...but an entire season or half season delving into the far-back stories would have cr…

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  • ZiggySHOTdoubleG

    For a while now, those who have followed the show and its explanations intently have repeatedly heard this is a character driven show with writers that foscus on and feel their only responsibilty is to end the story arcs for our main characters. This was never really what got me into Lost but I watched anyway. I didn't mind the characters story-lines (although sometimes too sappy and predicatable, in my opinion), but in the end I was watching because of all the interesting allusions, mysteries, red herrings, logic and theory I had to motivate myself to use, etc. That's what I liked.

    That being said, I thought, as far as character story-lines are concerned, the writers of Lost did a pretty decent job in HOW they wrapped things up. Decent job…

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  • ZiggySHOTdoubleG

    I posted this as a response to an excrutiatingly painful emotional goodbye to a TV SHOW. Hope it stirs the pot up a little bit, opens some eyes, puts things into perspective, etc.

    Listen people, I like Lost as much as anyone who checks this site every day, watches it consistently when it airs, discusses it, debates it, and makes predictions with it. I love it and it is a great show.

    But have some damn self respect. Too many people on this site talk about Lost the way wack-job religious people talk about church/their religion. Or drug addicts whose entire days revolve around anything to do with drugs. Well, psychologists have proven that people (especially in contemporary American society) become as obssessed with material things as drug addi…

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  • ZiggySHOTdoubleG

    To accept this prediction, you need to be in the party that believes the Losties will travel back in time again before the series ends. Evidence for this, as many of you know, includes things such as Adam and Even themselves, unless you believe Rose and Bernard are already them since the last time shift, and even more convincing evidence is the infamous time-shift-shooting-other-canoe from the perspective of Locke, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, etc.

    So, I for one believe they will travel back in time before the show ends to clear up some of these of them being Adam and Eve's true identities.

    Now for the new idea: What if during a time travel incident, some Losties see that it is infact Rose and Bernard whon are Adam and Eve but they a…

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