Perhaps everyone else out there is ahead of me on this one, but I still wonder why Christian's body was never found. It seems that the MIB can take the form of people who have died and are connected to the island in some way. In these instances, he does not "inhabit" the body, but appears as a vision, or a hallucination.

That being said, and assuming that Christian is the MIB in disguise, why has his body not turned up?

Also, are we to believe that there are two Locke bodies -- the dead one and the one "inhabited" by the MIB? What is the explanation for that? Also keep in mind that this Locke-version of the MIB is somehow special, as it has been revealed that he now cannot take any other form.

So I guess my questions are as follows:

1. If the MIB can take the form of deceased persons without inhabiting their actual body, why has Christian's body never been found?

2. Is the Christian we have seen on the island actually MIB or not?

3. Is the MIB actually inhabiting a "version" of Locke's body, or is this also some sort of visual trick? If he is, how do we explain the existence of two bodies? Why is the MIB's Locke transformation somehow different from the others to date?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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