• Zakkary

    I'm sure alot of you guys are aware of all the buzz around the twitter activity that has been happening recently which seems to be the beginings of a new lost ARG. Personally I have no idea what is going on.

    So, what do you all reckon? do you think this is real or just a couple of lost fans having a laugh?

    Please make your opinions heard.

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  • Zakkary

    I have to admit, I think my favourite part of the whole season finale was the opening scene between Jacob and "Esau". Not only did it bring back the classic lost black and white // good vs. evil mythology with a vengeance but I also thought it was the perfect way to introduce a character that has been left in mystery for so long and introduce another character who seems to have been there all along and will most likely become very important next season and the shows final conclusion. And amongst all this was the Black rock! Does it get any better?

    You just gotta love this show....=]

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  • Zakkary

    So i've been thinking about this a while guys. In 5x12 Ben stated that the Island has done incredible things in healing people, however in his own words-

    "Dead is dead, you don't get to come back from that"

    Clearly John is far more important to the Island and its future then it seems. Now after the last episode (5x15) and Locke's shocking plan to kill Jacob, does that mean he intends to take his place to become the others true leader?

    Any thoughts?

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