• Yucaterco

    I've been rewatching the last episode about Richard, and I think that I just realized something. The island may actually be some kind of representation of the Greek version of hell. Remember how they said that you had to cross the river Styx to get there? There was like a boatman who would ferry people across. That is kind of like the ocean surrounding the island. There isn't someone who ferries them across, however there is some kind of invisible barrier around the island, and you have to travel at just the right trajectory in order to make it there. Not to mention the fact that Jacob is often the one who "brings" people there.

    Anyway as I was watching the show, I realized that Jacob never actually denies the allegation that he is th…

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  • Yucaterco


    March 27, 2010 by Yucaterco

    Does anyone else remember the other time one of the LOST characters described the island as a cork? I think that it was Daniel Faraday that said that the island sat on a large quantity of electromagnetic energy, and that the island acted as a cork, keeping it all trapped. If it ever got out, it could be disastrous, even leading to the destruction of the world.

    When the DI drilled into the Swan site it started to release some of that energy, which led to the incident (I know that a lot of people think that the incident was the Jughead explosion, but that hasn't been revealed yet). So the end result was that someone in the Swan station had to always push the button in order to keep the energy trapped, thus saving the world. Desmond eventu…

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