Ok, I'm just sitting at work and thinking about Lost tonight and had a mild revelation. First off, I'm on board with the thought that Christian is not MiB in any capacity. My main reason for this is that he was in Jacob's cabin whilst there was still ash around it. With that being said; in the episode where Ben takes Locke to the cabin and puts on the show pretending to talk to Jacob, Locke hears someone say "help me!". Both Locke and Ben assumed it was Jacob which is why Ben shot Locke for it.

However, from the first night of that episode I have said it was Christian who was sitting in the chair that Locke saw. You could just tell it was his silhoette. So was it Christian that was asking for help? Or was it Jacob? If it was Jacob why would he be asking for help from Locke?

Or is Christian a different entity all together. Perhaps, Christian has become the voice of the island and it was the Island itself asking for help from Locke, the one man who believes above every other person on the island that the Island has it's own agenda. What do you guys think? Questions? Critisisms? Anything would help.

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