The Statue of Taweret

In all seriousness, this is a minor inconsistency and one that does not bother me in the least way, so I hope no one interprets this as nick picking fine details. It's just an issue that peeked my curiosity a bit. Have we ever seen the remains of the statue anywhere on the island? Like parts of the leg, arm, body, Ank or even head? I can't seem to recall any.

However, in the FST, in episode: LA X. As the camera pans out and dives into the ocean and we zoom past the Four-Toe'd statue, we can clearly see some remains nearby on the island, such as the Ank.

And if you think about it, the force that impacted the Statue came at a particular angle, from out to in, which made contact to the front of the statue. Wouldn't this increase the chances of the ruins being pushed more inland rather than (something I suspect people will try to reason with) being washed out to sea?

I'm not looking for concrete answers, I'm curious to know other people's opinions and speculation, do some think there's some significance here or can this be chalked up to production gaps?

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