Orientation Films

I remember the first time I saw the Swan Orientation Film, it took me by complete surprise. I thought to myself, "Wow, this is awesome." I really enjoyed watching other orientation films of the same caliber, it gives such an ominous presence to the Dharma and is actually a lifeline between Lost and some of the backstory, like Hanso and DeGroots. However, it seems like the importance and significance of the "smaller" mysteries are being eroded by the looming "big" picture of Lost and the impending end.

I'm not desperate for answers on the mysteries surrounding the orientation films but I know we will, in all likelihood, not see their significance prevail. Therefore, I invite YOU to openly discuss, speculate and add on some of the mysteries surrounding the orientation films, if it interests you of course.

Swan Orientation Film

Really, the focus here is on Radzinsky...

  • Why did Radzinsky edit the film? Specifically, he removed the section which discusses the computer. What purpose

did it serve?

  • Why did he stash it in a Bible, in The Arrow?

Quite logically, if Radz removed the footage its because he didn't want future potential viewers to see it. Most probably, he did not want the future replacements to see it. What did he not want them to see? Chang's warning on utilizing the computer for anything other than to "input the code." Therefore, its safe to assume Radz wanted someone, maybe not him or Kelvin, to one day use the computer for another purpose, such as communication. Still, why would Radz want this? It might actually jeopardize the protocol.

In addition, why did Radz decide to hide it all the way in the Arrow (which I feel is far from the Hatch, correct me if I'm wrong) instead of simply just destroying it? I kind of always thought that Radz made these arrangements because he had planned to off himself soon, but who knows.

Orchid Orientation Film

Lets talk about the 500 ton Elephant in the room. Yes, that's right. I remember. Yes, that's right, I'm stubborn enough not to let it go, what up.

  • The orientation film for the Orchid re wounded on its own accord!

How!? I couldn't think of anything EM or time travel related that could do this. I thought one possible stupid explanation was that the tape actually ended there, and when some tapes end, they get rewinded automatically. There was also some interesting discrepancy on how much time was shown to elapse on the VCR counter versus real-time but I don't think we need to discuss this aspect since a good set of observations and theories are already available on the Orchid Orientation Film LP page:

So, if the Orientation Films still tickle your pickle, then please, discuss! I've only included these two, but by all means, if there are other interesting films, then include them.

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