I could say Mother is a fusion of both MiB and Jacob, or MiB and Jacob are both by-products of Mother. I just wanted to point out something that I found really interesting about the Mother character. The Mother, in terms of character, is actually the ancient form of character that we see in modern day Lost with Jacob and MiB. She embodies both ideologies followed by Jacob and MiB while simultaneously opposing. She is truly the perfect example of both good (Jacob) and evil (MiB).

For example,

  • She protects the island - Jacob
  • She lives forever and can't die by her own hands - Jacob
  • She does not want the boys to leave the island - Jacob
  • She might be able to tell when someone is lying to her - Jacob
  • She considers human nature evil, corruptible - MiB
  • She intervenes directly in peoples lives, e.g. murder - MiB
  • She's a liar and possibly a bit of a manipulator - MiB

As a result, we've seen a mix-matched set of characteristics among MiB and Jacob. While Jacob loved Mother, he did not consider her opinion on humankind to be right and took it upon himself to prove her wrong. MiB, who had a very complicated relationship with Mother, actually agrees with her on this premise that man is evil, despite his rocky relationship with her. While MiB was also initially excited about protecting the island, he turns out in the end to want to leave, with Jacob as the only replacement. Maybe I'm too presumptious to think that Jacob is more evolved then his Mother, in the sense that he doesn't need to kill people to get his way, but perhaps we've just never seen Jacob enough to see him deal with people like Mother dealt with Claudio and MiB in the well, or perhaps Jacob's circumstances are much different now since MiB/Smokey does all the killing anyway! Anyway, just thought I'd share. Leave your opinions, theories discussions or anything else you want to comment on below. --Youl 14:29, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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