As usual, after reading various people's blogs and ideas, I come to think of my own ideas. I'm going to keep this straight forward. The questions below are small and big and may be relevant to each other or not, I just hope to get some of your ideas to eat! Yumz!

Question 1

Is there at all a chance, that Sawyer might have drowned on his way from the submarine to the surface, and consequently became claimed? When he wakes up, will he have the same vulnerability Claire, Sayid, French Team (Rouesseu?) etc had?

Some thoughts to consider..

  • This idea comes from all the posts on how Sawyer will end up the new MiB and Jack the new Jacob. Or on how their

personalities are shifting and reversing and bla bla. There's been loads of posts for a while now about how the old Lost feud of Jack vs Sawyer might/ormightnot work out in the end.

  • "Sickness" seems to be very flimsy, since we've seen Sayid and Claire "repent" in some form or another
  • Sayid's sickness came from drowning too, but this was in that special water.
    • Claire and the French Team, it is unknown how they became infected, but I think we can perhaps

rule out that they were resurrected in the water like Sayid.

  • Also, they're onto MiB now and he no longer has an "in" with the group. How is he gonna accomplish

his goals?

Question 2

Now that we've seen what the Temple really is. I can't help but wonder, what the hell happened to the French team when they entered the crevice of the Temple wall? It was 1988, there was surely a significant population of Others on the island most certainly a large group of them would have resided in and around the Temple! What gives?!

Question 3

Can someone please clear this up for me once and for all. What is the deal with candidacy! I need to understand some key issues! What I know for certainty so far is that Candidates can kill other Candidates, but there's still too much ambiguity. Especially about EX-Candidates, what's their standing?"

Basically need to know..

  • Can EX-Candidates kill Candidates?
  • Can Non-Candidates kill Candidates? Can they kill EX-Candidates?
  • Can a Candidate kill him/herself?
  • Can MiB kill EX-Candidates?

Question 4

Last question, more of an observation. How did MiB have the know how to rig that C4 Explosive? Especially coming from an entity that has been theorized to hate technology?

As usual, apologies if the issues and mysteries addressed in this blog have already been discussed sufficiently in other posts. Feel free to offer other links to other blogs. Thank you!

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