Christians sudden appearance in the FS reality really boggles me. It was quite abrupt, let alone the shocking things he had to tell Jack. I'm confused to whether or not Christian Sheperd is actually dead or not in the FS reality. I mean, he must be because many of our characters make the distinction that he's dead but in the final scenes, he seemingly seems to be alive and visible by all and in addition, still missing his body. At first, I thought perhaps Christian being dead in the FS reality was because of Jack's consciousness but as I said, other characters noted it too. So what is he? Does the FS reality also have ghosts, seems a bit peculiar that even in this existence, one not even within the realm of time, that further apparitions could manifest themselves. Well, what if he was never really dead, and was just playing a rouse on Jack and Co to get him to his revelations. Perhaps he too is waiting to "move on" along with the rest of them. I just don't understand how he could be dead twice over in the FS reality and I don't really understand the significance. In the end, it seemed like Christian had a lot of knowledge, whatever he is/was. I don't see why he wasn't there to facilitate events prior to Desmond's attempts.

I'm also led to believe that after our main cast "moves on" the FS reality will continue to exist, serving as a place to meet for our not so important characters, excluding Ben of course. I took Desmond's reply to whether or not he was taking Faraday ("No, not with me") to mean that Faraday will be moving on at some point, but not on Desmond's train. He will probably move on hand in hand with Charolette. I'm curious to why Eloise hasn't opted to move on. One may surmise that she's being quite selfish in spending eternity in her this fake domain.

Although they didn't show it for everyone, most notably the characters that died way after the events that took place in the OT "The End", presumably the last memory to be recalled from their OT lives is their deaths. This is to say, its the last "stage" they reach in the whole remembering process. I am probably stating the obvious here but it wasn't so obvious to me at first how the FS characters knew they were dead, but yeah, it was right in front of my face. They saw themselves perish, so they know they're dead. It explains a few things, primarily why certain characters are not ready yet. They haven't yet uncovered the whole truth about their existence - it takes time for someone to come to grips that the life they're leading isn't actually real - it certainly took Jack some time to get grips that he's already dead.

I also thought about the box Christian left Claire. I thought there was going to be more to this but I can't find any real significance except some poetic symbolic gesture. Again, I don't know, Christians role in the FS reality is at its strangest yet. Feel free to express your opinion.

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