If we are left to believe that the Flash Sideways narrative is nothing more then a result of some sort of unifying consciousness coming together from our various actors post-death, then what/who is David? I'm not exactly sure what I take from this episode. It seems that the events that happened in the "The Incident" was nothing more than a red herring? It seems the FST has no timeline and is suspended in some higher state of being and was either created purposely or subconsciously by our characters. I thought perhaps the bomb did work in "The Incident" and that it sunk the island and killed everyone, which brought them to the FS. However, this cannot be since we know that the FS memories involve events that occurred after "The Incident", most notably Hugo and Ben remarking on their long runs as CEO's of the island, I think its evident that if one was pressed to pin point a timelabel to the FS, the only thing that could be said with certainty is that the FS takes place in a time where all our main and beloved characters have died.

So, getting back the real topic at hand. If the FS is something that was willed/created then David is not real is it? He must be some sort of manifestation that Jack created to help reconcile his own differences with his own father? Where is David in the Original Timeline, for example? In addition, the the FS reality is one of creation by our characters, then it seems likely that their collective subconscious desired, much like their other desires, to be rid of the island. Which is perhaps why in the FS the island is destroyed.

Another problem, I'm having is that I'm really not enjoying the connections I'm forcefully trying to think of. Maybe I'm just dumb or maybe I'm very demanding but I just can't see definitively how Desmond's role played out exactly. Had Desmond not have come back to the island in the OT, would have anything changed in the FS? I thought he was working to reconcile the two timelines but in reality, the FS Desmond was interested in "moving on" while the OT Desmond didn't seem to care about anything have seen/become aware of the greater and cool FS reality that trumps his OT life. The only discrepancy is that Desmond was wrong about the FS was and how he could "access it." It seems he thought it was another timeline, little did he know that it was no timeline, but in fact, as said above - a higher state of being. I don't know how we went from Desmond "Time Traveller" to Desmond "Spiritual Traveller, moving from worlds of life and death." Desmond also thought he could access the island and that it would have similar effects as it does in the FDW (transport/timeline shift). However, as we have seen, the FS Reality has nothing to do with this.

Which really hones in my point. The ending, was very detached from the body of Lost. FS is too independent from the OT, I really thought there was going to be more reconciliations between those two timelines. While there were bleed overs, I don't think the episode did a good job at enveloping the significance of the bleed overs. Jack's knife marks are explained in terms of origin but it does not show/demonstrate the significance of such an occurrence, which makes me think, what's the point?

You guys may think I'm just another blogger criticizing Lost and hating on it, you would be right to think so. I did not like the final 15 minutes of the show, end of. It's not in my character, it wasn't in my expectations and I just don't think such blind faith has room in shows. And I'm not here to argue Science Vs. Faith- not at all. My Fundamental point is that "Faith" is a lot easier to get away with it because its essentially an arbitrage investment. People will believe just because they do, there does not need to be a reason, an explanation, structure, process or anything. Quite simply, you believe in God and no one can tell you different. Science on the other hand, quite obviously - a lot harder to accept as truth without proper justification. Alas, my point is that taking such a hard stepped spiritual angle feels a bit of a cop-out, and if not cop-out, then I would suggest they settled for the best possible explanation given the hole they dug themselves in

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