Are we supposed to believe that Jacob and Mother burned and destroyed that village? I mean, Lost has always given us some clues to tease us with. There are certainly elements in last nights episode that give little to none information, however, I'm strong enough not to fret over some mythological issues that are too deep to chase. However, the burning/pillaged village is NOT a mystical mystery and its NOT mythology, it's practicality. This is what annoys me with Lost, when they keep things secret THAT HAVE NO REASON TO REMAIN SECRET. Just imply who destroyed that village, don't even tell us.

I really don't understand keeping certain practical issues like this so convoluted, it makes for bad story telling. What, someone picked up the MiB from well, placed him gently down then begun to massacre everyone? No thank you, sir.

I loved last nights episode, it was really exciting. However, you simply cannot deny that it gave us more questions then answers, which is really the opposite of what I want right now. The dialogue was light and short and set up felt very snapshotty. And you can't deny that some elements of the episode were poorly structured.

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