Look, I'm an in unfortunate position where I simply do not have the time to indulge in the many thought provoking discussions, blogs and theories my fellow peers humor me with. While I do come on to LP these days before the end, it's in a surprisingly limited fashion. For once, I feel like I'm missing something. What the hell just happened to Ben after Richard went flying, how was MiB seemingly so easily able to manipulate Ben and get him what he wants to do, again!? Or had Ben realized, post Richard's flying, that the only way to "survive" was to join them (can't beat them, join them rhetoric). I don't know if the producers are going to elaborate on what exactly is going through Ben's mind at this point, but I would love to hear some ideas on what exactly is going down in Ben's mind that made him react that way and make the choices he made in the dharmaville? If this discussion has already been discussed in some interesting blog then please do link the page below!

Thank you!

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