Long time reader and lost watcher - first time poster.... very much have enjoyed this site....

I was wondering what you thought about the absences in the FS church at the finale. I know there has been some discussion on this already not all of which i've read so sorry if I'm doubling up a bit...

To be clear I think that between Christian, Hurley and Ben at the conclusion there was more than enough exposition to clearly demonstrate that FS was a spiritual holding pen create by - predominantly - the Losties to go to when they died (no matter if it that was literally years after Jack died).


1. Original losties were the main focus because they had achieved so much together OR they were the love of a lostie who had done so much for the group - eg: Shannon had down nothing much but was the love of Sayed's life who'd achieved loads within the group

2. Although not an original 815 lostie, Desmond is the glue that holds much together - as well as being with the 815 group for a fair time on the Island - and hence he was included. As Penny was his love she gets a guernsey. Same for Juliet viz Sawyer and Libby viz Hurley

3. I think that while the show is fuzzy on good/evil limits (eg: Jacob = good despite killing a lot of ppl over the years as collateral damage to get his candidates on board/ ESAU bad despite being murdered by Jacob) it seems that if characters have done certain ill-defefined stuff in the OT then they are seemingly beyond redemption and hence have no place in the 'church' (and you are left to just whisper on the island).

Cold blooded murder for self gain rather than to defend others appears a trigger (hence no Michael, no Paulo, no Nikki and even no Ben - though he is presented as redeemable.

Among the interesting Lostie exclusions are:

- Eko (did much to protect Yemi or an evil guy at core? Or just wanted too much money to appear? Or just cos he was a Tailie with no Lostie love interest?) - Walt (a lostie but not heavily involved after already moving on per Season 5 or just too tall now? - despite being "Room 23 Special"). - Frogurt etc

The interestng in's are:

- Sawyer (cold blooded murder in Sydney but intended to avenge his parents so ok?) and - Kate (murder but of a monsterous step father?)

4. Of non-815 losties what of:

- Ana Lucia (Nasty murder but in retribution - also no Lostie love interest), - Faraday and Charlotte ( presumably elsewhere in another FS?), - Widmore and - Elouise?

5. Finally I think that the baby Aaron in the FS is a prop much like David Shepard. As someone pointed out already, we already saw Aaron as a toddler handed to Claire's mum so he's ok. No idea why Jin and Sun's girl is also not here in prop form

Would be interested in your thoughts. Cheers

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