I wanted to get some responses on why people think Jacob is showing up as his teenage self to Flocke in the present day and taunting him, telling him to follow the rules? What is the point, and why is he a boy and not his adult-self?

Across the Sea explained a little bit, in that we now know that the boy is in fact Jacob. Another piece of info we got was that MiB could (at one point in his childhood) see and speak to dead people. This might suggest Boy-Jacob is a ghost he is able to see. However, this does not explain why Sawyer was able to see boy-Jacob in the jungle. So back to the question, what is the purpose of Boy-Jacob showing up to MiB and taunting him? Would that also mean that Mother's ghost might be still wandering the island, since she is also a murdered "island protector"? Many questions left to be answered. And we know they will be here soon because we only have two more episodes ever.

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