I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what Kate's purpose is this season. So far, she has just been wandering aimlessly in the jungle, going after whatever might come along. At the end of Sundown, she started to follow Locke seemingly out of sheer boredom. All the characters at this point seem to have some goal or purpose for wanting to be there, but she seems pretty confused as to what to do. Okay, so she found Claire finally, and that will probably pick up her storyline since Claire seemingly wants to kill her. If she wasn't such a staple female in the series, I believe she would be a great candidate (pun intended) for the writers to kill off.

Hopefully Darlton has plans for Kate soon, or at least addresses her lack of contribution to the big picture. My theory is that Jacob brought her for Jack's sake. She is not a candidate, but she is there to help candidate Shepard, and give him "a little push". Think about it, a lot of decisions Jack has made have been heavily influenced by Kate's presence (Jughead being the most obvious and memorable). Just rambling now, please comment...

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