It is very fun to go on here and analyze every detail of the latest aired episode, but can I just say how awesome of an episode "The Substitute" was?! I'd like to list some reasons why it was so amazing:

- We got to know the smoke monster/Flocke even better We got to travel with him across the island as he checked himself out in the Dharma barracks door reflection.

- Sawyer listening to some heavy metal and drinking whiskey in his underwear. This was just funny to me, especially the mysterious stain on his ass. Classic "I don't give a shit" Sawyer scene. "You ain't Locke, Locke was always scared... you ain't scared".

- Ben Linus giving Locke's ulogy. "He was a better man than I'll ever be... and I'm sorry I murdered him." (Place a witty Lapidus line here). Or didn't you think I knew what a ugugoly was?

- Flocke taking Sawyer down the rope ladder we've never seen into the cliff cave, revealing "the numbers". Just one step closer to knowing what the hell the numbers are for. I also liked when Flocke threw the white stone into the water and said it was an inside joke. Is it me, or is Flocke a pretty funny character in his own dry sort of way? Seriously, hes had some great lines so far.

- Locke's flash-sideways. As opposed to Kate and Claire's story last week, I honestly found his story pretty interesting. And to those who are doubtful, I choo-choo-choose to believe these flash-sideways stories are for some good reason, so I am paying plenty of attention to them.

- Richard being held in a net, and running like a little girl from Flocke. Not sure why, but this was just plain entertaining.

- The bloody kid walking around the jungle, appearing to both Flocke and Sawyer. Who the hell is this kid? Looks like Jacob, but who knows. And there he goes talking about "the rules" again. Another reveal we can look forward to.

- The spider thingy that was crawling on Locke's dead face. Was this really necessary?! Okay, we get it, he is still dead. Just bury him. Thank you.

Please add any other scenes you enjoyed. Now lets enjoy these episodes for all they are worth. We'll have plenty of time to disect them when the series is all over.

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