I know we all love Lost, but sometimes I am annoyed by certain things on the show. I thought I would start a post of common annoyances that I have noticed through watching episodes over and over.

1. In one-on-one dialogue, the characters say vague statements to setup obvious questions for the person to ask. For example (not a real example), Jack would say to Kate "I'm searching", which cues Kate to obviously say "searching for what, Jack?". Kind of hard to explain, but listen for it, you'll hear a statement similar to this at least once an episode. I realize it is a writing device for suspense or whatever, but they use it WAY too much.

2. Whenever Faraday spoke, it sounded like he was whispering.

3. Jack's tendency to freak-out and overreact to situations. I recognize this is a character flaw, but still it frustrates me (e.g. the lighthouse when he broke the magic mirror). You want to just jump in there and tell him to calm the F down.

4. Jack's hair in seasons 5 & 6. They really should shave his head again like in season one. Looked way better than the comb-over he's got going on. Makes him look way old. Hate it.

5. Probably not politically correct, but Locke is getting way too fat. His boobs are out of control... I mean that in the nicest way, Terry O'Quinn is a great actor. Just needs to stay away from the free candy bars on set.

Well there are my top 5. Please add any and all you desire. (not really serious about this by the way, just bored).

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