I have just watched a programme on Nat Geo, Cain and Abel: Brothers at war. Now i know that it seems more plausible that the Jacob/MIB story is based on that of Jacob and Esau (with them using the same name, for Esau we're yet to find out). But after watching this Brothers At War programme, the story of Cain and Abel seems to be a better for the Jacob/MIB story to be based on. Here are a few reasons:

1: For a start, Jacob and Esau were twins (there's a clear age gap between J + MIB) 2: Cain killed Abel, Whereas Esau didnt kill Jacob, they just fell out, Jacob fleed for twenty years, returned expecting to be killed by his powerful brother and his army of 400, only to be greetd with hugs and kisses (how lame is that!) And lived happily ever after 3: Cain and Abel were the sons of ADAM + EVE (maybe J/MIB sons of Jack/Kate?) Im clutching at straws here! 4: Maybe the island is based on EDEN? 5: Cain's soul was considered DARK, Abel's soul was considered LIGHT.

The list goes on....

I could be wrong but it's worth checking out. Hit me back with your views please :)

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