Right, we know because of Pierre Changs prosthetic arm that the Dharma orientation videos were made after the incident. So to me, that means that Faradays plan to detonate Jughead in order for the Swan station not to be built, no button, no plane crash etc, is WRONG. That WAS the incident, just as Miles stated. What happened in the s5 finale must have been what happened anyway, otherwise Chang would'nt have lost his arm (he was only at the swan site where he injured his arm because of the losties)

I cant wait to see what happens to Jack and co in 77 once the bomb was detonated, im guessing they will flash to the time where Flocke is, what year that is i dont know (remember the flash on Ajira?)

I cant see Faradays theory happening though based on the above. Agree or disagree?

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