• Yiing-Yiang

    season 6

    March 5, 2010 by Yiing-Yiang

    Sorry to say it, but season 6 is ABSOLUTELY SHIT! what a load of crap. They should of ended it at season 5. Ruined the show big time.

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  • Yiing-Yiang

    I hope the next few episodes change my opinion on this, but with the present pace and direction of the start of the final season (especially what Kate does, zzzzzzzzz!), im starting to think, would it be so bad if season 5 was the end?

    Ok, people would go crazy with the lack of answers but, it was such an epic season that it would be good enough to end it. Similar to the film Castaway, yes, it was very annoying that you dont find out what's in the parcel, but did it make it a bad film? No. Not at all.

    I've always said season 5 was my favourite and my rewatch of the whole show strengthened my thoughts even more. It's brilliant, from start to end. Not one crap episode. Every episode was like a movie. Maybe it's the standard of the last season …

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  • Yiing-Yiang

    Here's one for ya.....

    February 7, 2010 by Yiing-Yiang

    I had a mad thought today and just thought i would share it:

    Lennon = DeGroot !!!

    Possibility?...Or should i stop drinking so much?

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  • Yiing-Yiang

    Lastnight, i was rewatching episodes 8,9 and 10 of season 4. And whilst watching ep10: Something Nice Back Home, i noticed two awesome easter eggs.

    I will not reveal them yet for those of you who haven't noticed them. I'd rather let you search for them yourselves.

    Hit me back when you notice them or already have done. They're pretty cool!

    Happy Hunting!

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  • Yiing-Yiang

    New Trailer

    November 23, 2009 by Yiing-Yiang

    This new trailer is currently being shown in theatres.

    No new footage but still cool.

    Enjoy :)

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