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February 17, 2010
  • Ydgmdlu

    What is faith?

    May 27, 2010 by Ydgmdlu

    Since Lost is a show that explores themes about faith, I feel that asking the most fundamental question about faith is not only appropriate but important for subsequent discussions. A lot of people, myself included, have been accused of not knowing what true faith is. Those accusations are only fair if what is wrong can be demonstrated.

    I want to hear from everyone, especially from believers. I don't want comments that defend, praise, critique, or disparage faith. I just want a survey of opinions so that we can understand each other. If we're not on the same page, discussions will be futile and thus collapse. Save the debates about faith for another blog.

    How do you define "faith"? How does it work for you, and how do you apply it? What is t…

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  • Ydgmdlu

    After some further thinking, I have come to realize that the "it's all Jack's dream" theory is the one and only completely coherent interpretation that's been proposed. Anything that doesn't seem to make sense or seems incredibly convoluted is thus easily explained, because dreams are typically nonsensical and convoluted. Often in our dreams, we are not even the protagonist, but rather a third-party observer; and sometimes we are not even ourselves. Certain things like numbers recur in inexplicable places. Nothing is what it seems. And when we dream, we usually don't realize that we're dreaming.

    But while I concede that it's a totally valid and reasonable take, I find it to be monumentally unsatisfying. It's unsatisfying for pretty much the…

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  • Ydgmdlu

    I hope to be definitive, but I know that I will fail. Days have passed since the finale, and after much discussion, there are still some people who remain convinced that the whole show was not "real," that all Ocean 815 passengers died, and that everything that happened on the Island was part of "purgatory." This is simply a nonsensical idea, and because it is clearly not supported within the show nor by the show's writers, it should be abandoned. Of course, people read what they want into the show, which means that they don't come to contrarian conclusions for good reasons. So that makes me wonder why they want to believe that everyone died in the crash... Anyway...

    • The fact that the consensus is, well, the consensus suggests that the writ…
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  • Ydgmdlu

    Bottled at the Heart of the Island, this rare earth mineral water is said to offer untold powers, straight from the Source!*

    • Disclaimer: May not grant superpowers. Powers only guaranteed with the direct supervision of Mr. Hugo Reyes or his successors.
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  • Ydgmdlu

    OK, this one's a bit of a stretch, but it's a possibility.

    Consider that when Mother passes the protectorship to Jacob, she says, "We are the same." Then, when Jacob and Jack pass the protectorship, they both say, "Now, you are like me." Perhaps that's an indication that the powers aren't all transferred instantaneously. In other words, maybe Jack has some residual powers that allowed him to be immune to the Source for a little while, before he died.

    I'm not saying that there's any clear evidence to support this, but it would be a workable answer to a question that many of us have.

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