--Yap71 02:42, 26 April 2009 (UTC)Alright, in the episode "316" when the plane is in the air Jack is sitting next to Ben and is sooo restless, then he notices that Ben is reading a book and sais "How can you read right now!?!?" (Saying as in "How are you not restless!?!?") and Ben simply being funny and clever smiles and sais "My mother taught me" (insinuating he took the comment as "how do you know how to read!?!?") i lightly chuckled at the remark then realized: BENS MOTHER DIED IN CHILD BIRTH! Ben later saw his mother on the other side of the sonic fence when his father was in the Dharma inititive and she said "its not time yet!" perhaps after he joined the others he was able to comunicate with his mother!

I HAVE speculated that it may have been a joke made by ben but please be open to the idea and bear with me!

Perhaps he was NOT joking! Maybe it was a suttle little hint! Please comment!

                                                       ==Avid viewer==

PS: This is my first ever blog post so if its low quality i am sorry!

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