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    And since my posts have been receiving some attention lately, I have some more thoughts for everyone.

    And someone else took the trouble for me of compiling them all into a very nice video. Enjoy!

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    A lot of things having to do with the poor writing of this television series irritated me over the years, including the ending which cheated an invested audiences of their answers.

    However, think about season 6 without the FST at all. We would just have the Losties on the Island, and in the end, some of them would eventually escape.

    What's wrong with just ending it there, with the plane flying away?

    The whole land of the undead all season long didn't even need to happen.

    In fact, instead of zombie land for the past few months, they could have spent that same time answering questions and ended the show appropriately.

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    In the 2008 Anne Hathaway film 'Passengers', a woman is a survivor of an airplane crash.

    However, she later learns this is untrue, as she died in the crash, and the people she interacted with afterwards were actually her dead friends and family helping her to realize she died, regain her memories, and that it was time to move on to the afterlife.

    This movie received incredibly negative reviews (it was indeed, a poor movie).

    In the Lost finale, the FS characters are all dead, and they realize this by interacting with one another, regaining their memories, and in the end they prepare to move on to the afterlife.

    The coincidences here between the plot of 'Passengers' and the Lost finale are too much to ignore.

    Total rip-off of a bad film.

    Update A c…

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    Damon & Carlton: Liars

    November 11, 2009 by Xbenlinusx

    Damon & Carlton have continued stated over the years that they have known where the show was going to go from the beginning, and they always had one ending in mind.

    I always thought that wasn't the case myself, it's clear throughout seasons 1 and 2 that the show has no idea what it is or where it's going.

    Recently, the creator for series Defying Gravity quoted both Damon and Carlton as saying they "haven't a clue" where Lost was going during season 1.

    So why do they keep saying they had the ending in mind when it's obvious they didn't?

    5/11/10 Update

    Been meaning to do this, but here's another interview where they blatantly state the ent…

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    I swear it sounds like Jack on the recording. I posit whoever records it is someone we know.

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