Tried to post this before but it didnt work... Dont know if this has been mentioned before (apart from by me 5 minutes ago)

My theory is that WHH is definitely real, and jughead definitely caused the incident. the evidence for this is that chang loses his arm in the incident and as we know he has a prosthetic later. i think this is a major clue by the writers as well as this, everything is happening as it did the "first time round"- chang sent baby miles and his mum away, ben joins the others, faraday gets shot by his mum- all these things are happening the way history has laid out, it appears NOTHING is changing, therefore i dont think it can be changed ps i would have to seriously disagree with most of what was said about changs arm a few posts ago- i think we need to look at the evidence- he DID lose his arm in the incident, as opposed to it being stolen by a time travelling bunny...

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