I cant believe a lot of people are saying stuff like “I hope (X) gets answered, cos its really important to the show, I can understand them not answering minor things like libby and walt….”

Libby and WALT??? How can you put them even in the same league in terms of mystery?

Libby randomly met desmond and (for whatever reason) gave him a boat, was also in the mental institution with hurley. Personally I think anything that COULD be described as coincidence (I’m not saying it IS , but it sure COULD be) cannot be described as a major mystery, especially cannot be compared to walt!

I wont go on to list the many many mysteries surrounding walt, but check out his page, needless to say, he’s not in the same ball park as libby, not even in the same league, hell, its not even the same sport (to quote jules)

Sure I wouldn’t mind seeing her backstory explained a bit- but we only have 18 hours left. Darlton could read straight from the big bumper book of lost mysteries for 18hrs straight and I reckon libby still wouldn’t feature. Maybe this stems from the fact I don’t really like libby- but I think the reason I don’t like her is cos her and her whole back story seems boring and irrelevant to me in the grander scheme of things, and I just cant understand anyone who says the same about walt

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