First off, this isnt meant to offend anyone or anything, just some fun

I've been reading a few crazy ideas on here and other sites recently, like the one below about the statues walking, it just gave me a mental image of the stay-puft marshmallow man off ghostbusters, and i pray very hard that its not gonna happen

there was also one about the island being a massive turtle or something, and another that the island is a lamp that contains a genie who grants people's wishes.

to a lesser extent, the one about Jacob's nemesis being Esau, from the bible. i dont have such a problem with people referring to him as Esau for ease, but anybody who thinks the writers would be so lazy as to just straight up steal the character like that doesnt know lost very well, particulalry after Michael Emerson pretty much shot that one down at Comic-Con. as emerson said, lost borrows heavily from biblical themes (interesting that the best kind of fiction has improved itself by borrowing from the worst kind of fiction), but has ALWAYS stopped just short of direct plagiarism

So whats the worst/craziest theories you ever heard?

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