Sorry anybody who has already read or commented on this, but lostpedia totally deleted my blog before i had a chance to gauge people's opinions.

basically, i'm highly confused by the comic-con video of kate. the premise is simple, jughead destroyed the hatch, so 815 never crashed etc,

i can kind of understand the hurley video, due to jughead and the lack of the hatch, (and maybe the lack of dharma thereafter) the numbers he won the lottery with never exerted the negative influence (or whatever) that caused all the stuff that made him think he was cursed, ultimately resulting in him getting on the plane, so his video (kind of) makes sense

but kates certainly does not. lostpedia states she saw wayne at the house, he made advances on her in a drunken stupor and she blew him up. so what happened to change the events so significantly? wayne went to see kate's mum that night and sent his employee instead. i cant see how the detonation of jughead and the destruction of the hatch could cause this change in the timeline?

i'm thinking someone must have intervened in this, maybe jacob, i dont know

i'd love to hear what everyone thinks about this

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