i think we were all pretty confident after watching the season 5 finale, that the Man in Black from the beach was inhabiting locke's body, what with his talk of loopholes, etc. a lot of us thought he was also the smoke monster, and it would appear we were right

BUT... this isnt an exact transcript, but its pretty close, from the Jimmy Kimmel show, after LA X

Jimmy : Is the Man in Black possessing John Locke

darlton: No. but we revealed tonight that Fake Locke is the smoke monster

i personally cant wrap my head around this. if MiB is not inhabiting locke, then whats with all the loophole talk? could it be that darlton is nit-picking over semantics with this question? for example, he's not technically "possessed" or that the enitity which possesses locke was also possessing the body of the Man in Black in that famous beach scene, so therefore techincally the Man in Black is not inhabiting Locke?

or does this mean that there are 3 entities? and the smoke monster is inhabiting locke, and the man in black is.... i dont even know! would love some input

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