Flaire on the outrigger!!!

Xabial12 February 25, 2010 User blog:Xabial12

Ok, so in Flaire's camp, as well as her weird squirrely-headed pig-baby (or whatever the F that thing was!) was a rifle, and....

An Oar!

So i'm thinking Flaire is the one who was on the outrigger shooting at our losties during the time flashes

The only (pretty major) problem i see with this is that the 2nd outrigger appeared and disappeared when they flashed, which would mean that Flaire was not flashing with the losties. i dont find this THAT hard to believe, cos she hasnt mentioned the flashes or anything like that, and as she was "claimed" at the time (possibly having died like Sayid) its possible she didnt flash


PS sorry if someone beat me to this one

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