ok, so lets say there's a reset, i still really hope there isnt for a lot of reasons, eg paradoxes and i want answers which this reset may not allow time for, but with all the clues from comic con and what they were trying to do in season 5, there's a distinct possibility there will be a reset.

so in reset world, everyone will land in LAX and go on with their lives oblivious to the island's existence, kate will go to jail (or escape again), jack will have his dad's funeral, locke will wheel his way back to his miserable life etc, etc. but we know this cant go on forever, we need a whole lot of island based answers, so somehow they will have to eventually either go back to the island (again), or somehow cancel the reset, and this is where desmond's unique specialness will come into play, because will he retain his memories of the whole thing, or will there be some other side effect? where desmond will be i dont know, assuming the hatch never got built, will he even still be on the island?

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