people are misunderstanding a lot of things about the finale-

firstly- the island is real, the flash sideways was a form of purgatory where the characters had to find each other to move on.

frank, miles, lapidus, kate and sawyer lived out a life after leaving the island, and hurley and ben lived a (potentially very long) life on-island as the new jacob and richard. it doesnt matter when they died, they all arrived in the FST at the same time, which according to my theory was the moment jack died, as they were intrinsically linked to him and each other. those not at the church were those who werent part of that close knit group, or those who werent ready to let go and move on

i was very satisfied from a character perspective, and i think most of the main mysteries were either solved directly, or can be solved, but require thought and analysis and the occasional leap of theory, or they just didnt matter

any answer-driven people who were annoyed, what were your main unresolved ones? cos i'd bet its possible to explain them, and i will try.

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