there seems to be loads of people on here who love her, but i cant stand her, especially after rewatching

1)she was complicit in the kidnap of children and making the losties lives terrible as an other 2)she's murderous, as shown with the video she showed jack telling him to kill ben 3)she worked undercover for ben after supposedly joining the losties 4)she constantly held back information in late season 3 and 4 5)she's a hussy, she gets around. Goodwin, Jack, Sawyer, she pretty much "fell in love" with them all, with about a month's gap each time 6)she's just a boring character

there are other reasons, but you get the idea. i can already see the defences rolling in, and i agree for a couple of these things there are special circumstances, but the only thing she has brought to the show is the best out of Josh Holloway

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