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June 6, 2009
  • Xabial12

    this is my theory- back in season 3, des flashed into the sideways reality when he turned the failsafe. my logic for this is that he was blasted with EM and ended up in a strage world which he had lived before, but he could also change events without affecting his future in that timeline. also when widmore dosed him with EM in season 6, the FST is where he went, so that would be consistent with this theory

    also, eloise seems to have crazy knowledge of the future in this episode, i believe this is because she had already experienced her "island revelation" and so was aware of a life she'd lived before and had to keep des on his path in the OT so he could fulfill his purpose

    this could be very wrong, of course and would be happy to be proved …

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  • Xabial12

    people are misunderstanding a lot of things about the finale-

    firstly- the island is real, the flash sideways was a form of purgatory where the characters had to find each other to move on.

    frank, miles, lapidus, kate and sawyer lived out a life after leaving the island, and hurley and ben lived a (potentially very long) life on-island as the new jacob and richard. it doesnt matter when they died, they all arrived in the FST at the same time, which according to my theory was the moment jack died, as they were intrinsically linked to him and each other. those not at the church were those who werent part of that close knit group, or those who werent ready to let go and move on

    i was very satisfied from a character perspective, and i think most …

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  • Xabial12

    I just dont know...

    May 24, 2010 by Xabial12

    ok, i feel depressed, empty and sad, just as i thought i would after the finale

    i was expecting to be blown away, season 5 style, but it didnt really do that for me. i wanted a new perspective on the rewatch, which i may get rewatching season 6, but it wasnt so ground breaking.

    i still loved it though, its a touching ending. answers werent forthcoming, but the emotion and the way it was wrapped up was beautiful. i want more though, i miss the show already. also now we know what the "image" matt fox was talking about- so very sad, vincent looked so sad laying down next to jack

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  • Xabial12

    i'm really hoping that via flashbacks, the next few episodes will start to fill the gap between these two mythology-heavy episodes, possibly the finale being jacob or mib centric- is this too much to ask with so little time left?

    or do you think all that stuff about the island's history, the building of the statue amongst other things will all go down in the realms of unanswered questions forevermore?

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  • Xabial12

    more to come...

    May 13, 2010 by Xabial12

    first off, despite the negative flavour this blog will have, i am NOT a hater, in fact i'm a hater-hater, people like LOST IN TIME (he's not the only one) need to get over themselves and their sense of self-entitlement to have the perfect show they always dreamed of, rather than letting themselves be entertained by someone else's vision. cant you all get together and have a hater lostpedia so we dont have to trawl through the endless blogs

    anyway, like most i was, well... not disappointed, but very underwhelmed by Across the Sea. i was expecting to see some ancient civilisations, maybe the statue being built, i wanted to see the cabin inhabitant etc, etc. the episode came with the tag line "The motivations of the Man in Black are finally ex…

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