Is anyone else still really confused by Jacob's Cabin? In "The Man Behind the Curtain", I suspect the man in Jacob's chair was Christian (I know it wasn't actually John Terry), which would mean the Man in Black was in the cabin and not Jacob. This could also explain why the Man in Black was absent for roughly 16 episodes between "Left Behind" and "The Shape of Things to Come". Perhaps the ash kept him stuck inside the Cabin This wouldn't explain why Ben didn't see or here him though. Also, when Hurley finds it in "The Beginning of the End", there are two people inside. The Cabin has moved. One person is in the rocking chair and the other person puts his eye up to the window. This time, Christian is visibly sitting in the rocking chair, and an eye of someone else peers through the window. Although it is not the eye of Mark Pellegrino, I'm going to assume that this person is Jacob (who else would it be?). It is unknown whether there was ash around the cabin at this time, but I would guess not, because it was not shown. Perhaps the two were talking about something within the cabin. When Locke revisits the cabin in "Cabin Fever", Christian is inside. It is again unknown whether the ash circle was present. Christian tells Locke to move the island. This could be the elaborate scheme the Man in Black started to get Locke to die, or it could mean he also traveled through time, possibly to a time where the ash circle did not surround him so he could escape. That would not explain his appearance in "The Shape of Things to Come", though. When Ilana comes to the Cabin in "The Incident", the ash circle is broken, and Ilana's group moves out to the statue foot. Seemed like she thought Jacob would be in there, but maybe it was the Man in Black's cabin all along and she didn't know as much as she lead on (lots of people in this show end up less knowledgable than we first thought). Basically, I'm very confused and can't put the pieces together.

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