This FST/OT thing is really getting frustrating. It's great as a storytelling device, but it seems to have absolutely baffled most of the people posting on here. They have assumed major things about the position of FST relative to OT. To me it seems clear that they are definitely not parallel. Easy way to see this - what year is it in OT and what year in FST? They are NOT parallel. We have spent the last few series being taught Lost's time travel rules and then when we see them implemented, well, most people seemed to miss it. Faraday's rats had their conciousness transported forwards in time by being exposed to high levels of EM at a specific frequency; Desmond had the same thing done to him by Widmore and found himself in FST. This implies that in Desmond's experience, FST follows the events of OT. When Desmond was 'unstuck' in time, he needed to find his 'constant' to bring him back - he repeated this in FST by finding Penny, returned to OT and his future self collapsed. The implication Faraday gave about his experiment was that the parameters involved would produce the same temporal displacement - if Widmore's test on Desmond was designed to meet the paramaters of the anomalies in the wells (Zoe asks Jin about them, so Widmore's team has some future knowledge) then when Desmond is thrown into the well it should take him to the same point, hence him waking up in the stadium with a mission. Now, what boggles my mind is the number of people on here who think the fact that the order of these events is not the same as the order in which they are presented in the episodes is a disproof of this theory. Have they paid any attention to Lost over the last six series? Woowoo1111 11:31, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

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