Ok. So maybe not the "key" to the secrets, but i think that it is probably important. My mom has this huge orange theory that there is something special about oranges. She screams and gets all excited every time she sees someone eating an orange or drinking orange juice. And I always laugh at her, but i think that she MAY just be onto something. There is far too much of oranges and orange juice used on this show for it to just be merely coincidence. If someone has any insight into this please let me know.

Also. Does fruit have some sort of symbolism in cultures or something? Im especially referring to John Locke. One of the first times that we see him on the show he has an orange peel in his mouth cuz he's eating an orange. This is very recently after his legs were healed. Also, when he wakes up in Tunisia he is taken to a medical facility and given what looks to be orange juice. And in the begining of the episode we see john resurected on the island. We know that he has been brought back from the dead because we know he was dead. Any way. One of the first times we see him on the island in this episode he is very recently brought back from the dead. And he is eating a mango. And calls special attention to the fact that it tastes amazing. Does fruit have some sort of meaning that has to do with healing?

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