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February 14, 2009
  • Wondervarmint

    Hurley and Dogs?

    March 21, 2009 by Wondervarmint

    So maybe this ijust me looking way too hard for things, but it seems too consistent to not be something. We all remember the i heart shi-tzus shirt that Hurley bought at that gas station. and now Sawer lends hurley a sweatshirt with a bull dog on it. Is this something or just coincidence? Any theories? Maybe the actor just likes dogs or something. haha

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  • Wondervarmint

    Ok. So maybe not the "key" to the secrets, but i think that it is probably important. My mom has this huge orange theory that there is something special about oranges. She screams and gets all excited every time she sees someone eating an orange or drinking orange juice. And I always laugh at her, but i think that she MAY just be onto something. There is far too much of oranges and orange juice used on this show for it to just be merely coincidence. If someone has any insight into this please let me know.

    Also. Does fruit have some sort of symbolism in cultures or something? Im especially referring to John Locke. One of the first times that we see him on the show he has an orange peel in his mouth cuz he's eating an orange. This is very rec…

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  • Wondervarmint

    Ok. So in the most recent episode "This place is death" or something like that what doe Charlotte say to jin right before she says "Don't let her come back here. This place is death.". We are supposed to think that she was talking about sun, but i dont think she actually was. What is it that she said? Can someone translate for me? was it maybe even in latin? It kinda sounded like Latin. Maybe not though.

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