In the episode, The Substitute, we find out that a list of candidates has been kept on the wall in the cave. Kate's name is missing so that should lead us to believe she wasn't a candidate. After watching this I went back to LA X, Part 2 and watched the scene where Dogen breaks open the ankh and finds the piece of paper. I think most of us assume this is one of Jacob's lists which includes the names of the candidates. Dogen then asks them their names and after those whose names were on the wall in the cave said their names (Jack, Hurley, Sayid) they camera switches to Dogen reacting at their names. This also happens for Jin which leads me to believe his name was on the list. After Kate says her name however the camera switches right to Jack. This could just be a coincidence but I believe it was meant to be a hint at who the candidates were before we saw the list on the wall in the cave. Let me know what you think

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