I know its a reach because i know that it has no merit in terms of what it means to the story of Jacob, but with a lot of time on our hands i wanted to know what you guys thought about this.

The Bernoulli's: Jakob (or Jacob) and Johann (or John)

Found this after I started Wiki-ing

Of Jacob Bernoulli: Bernoulli chose a figure of a logarithmic spiral and the motto Eadem mutata resurgo ("Changed and yet the same, I rise again") for his gravestone; the spiral executed by the stonemasons was, however, an Archimedean spiral. [1] “[Jacques Bernoulli] wrote that the logarithmic spiral ‘may be used as a symbol, either of fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which after all its changes, even after death, will be restored to its exact and perfect self’

Bernoulli trial (as it relates to the law of numbers and the law of averages) In the theory of probability and statistics, a Bernoulli trial is an experiment whose outcome is random and can be either of two possible outcomes, "success" and "failure". In practice it refers to a single experiment which can have one of two possible outcomes.

Of John Bernoulli:

Family rivalries Although Jakob and Johann worked together before Johann graduated from Basel University, shortly after this the two developed a jealous and competitive relationship. Johann was jealous of Jakob's position and the two often attempted to outdo each other. After Jakob's death Johann's jealousy shifted toward his own talented son, Daniel. In 1738 the father–son duo nearly simultaneously published separate works on hydrodynamics. Johann Bernoulli attempted to take precedence over his son by purposely predating his work two years prior his son’s.

Its way out there in terms of theories or any connection but the fact that Jacob B had a lot to do with trying to find something in the law of averages and our JACOB is waiting for the "good" after all those that have come before the Losties, it was easy for me to reach for the connection. And did you see what he put on his tombstone? That even after death, the body will be restored to its exact and perfect self. He just died so we have to figure that he has to come back as something better (because that death was kind of lame if final)!

And what about John? I know its only his "friend" in John form but its funny that this Jacob had a brother named John that was jealous of what he has.

Well I thought it was interesting. But you should check them out and look at the math that they talk about.

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