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    Jacob and John

    May 30, 2009 by Witheyesclosed

    I know its a reach because i know that it has no merit in terms of what it means to the story of Jacob, but with a lot of time on our hands i wanted to know what you guys thought about this.

    The Bernoulli's: Jakob (or Jacob) and Johann (or John)

    Found this after I started Wiki-ing

    Of Jacob Bernoulli: Bernoulli chose a figure of a logarithmic spiral and the motto Eadem mutata resurgo ("Changed and yet the same, I rise again") for his gravestone; the spiral executed by the stonemasons was, however, an Archimedean spiral. [1] “[Jacques Bernoulli] wrote that the logarithmic spiral ‘may be used as a symbol, either of fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which after all its changes, even after death, will be restored to its exa…

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    I think he has powers because although what happened, happened, he was never supposed to live. Informing Chang about the purge ultimately did change the future, as much as daniel says that its not possible. what we have seen from the Losties/Freighter POV, what happened did happen, but to the past, the future is very much still changable (but for this to happen with out being a chicken or the egg thing, chang cant find out that miles is his son).

    Miles, although very much alive, could be seen as caught between both worlds, maybe only mentally. He is able to hear the dead because he should be dead.

    in a rush but maybe i can explain it more later on.

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